Trampoline & Tumbling

Our trampoline and tumbling (T&T) classes teach skills on the floor, trampoline, and the double mini trampoline. They are divided up into 5 parts to ensure your athlete learns the correct and safest methods of teaching. Trampoline and Tumbling focuses on 3 events – including Trampoline, Tumbling, and Double-Mini. Below is an outline of skills they will be learning in each class.

T&T 1

Your child will learn a variety of skill on the double mini, trampoline and floor. Some of the skills your child will master in this class are forward/backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, bridges, and several others. Basic jumps on a trampoline and learning to control their bounces.

T&T 2

This class is for those students who have passed off T&T 1. This class will work on perfecting round-offs and bridge-kick overs. On the trampoline, they will learn continuing basic body control skills and learn flipping fundamentals. Double-Mini will become more involved by incorporating some of the trampoline skills they have learned.

T&T 3

In this class students will learn back handsprings, round off back handsprings, front/back tucks on the trampoline. Our coaches have been trained on safe spotting techniques to ensure a safe way to learnt these sometimes hard skills. Once these skills are mastered the athlete has a choice of moving to the advanced class or possibly participating on the competition team.

T&T 4 & 5

T&T 4-5 are for athletes that have mastered all the skills in the previous classes, but do not wish to compete on the team. In this class athletes will learn series of back handsprings, whips, back tucks, and back fulls on the floor. Other advanced flipping and twisting skills will also be learned on trampoline and double mini trampoline.

Trampoline & Tumbling Team

By invitation only. Athletes currently on the team range in age from 6 to 19. Athletes compete in tumbling, trampoline, synchronized trampoline and double mini. Athletes compete locally in Utah with some of the team members choosing to go on to Regional, National, and World competitions as well. Our team has athletes on current National Teams that compete at the elite level of the sport. Our coaches are very knowledgeable and capable of taking your athlete to the highest level the spot offers.

Class Schedule

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