Specialty Classes

Specialty classes are tumbling classes that only work skills strictly on the floor. These classes do not focus on the trampoline or double mini. The trampoline may be used to teach some skills such as back tucks, layouts or fulls. These classes are ideal for dancers, cheerleaders or snowboarders that want to work on tumbling and flipping skills.

Basic Tumbling

Basic Tumbling is the introductory class for those who are wanting to learn how to tumble! In this class students will learn Handstands, Carwheels, Bridges, and Round-offs. These skills are crucial for learning more advanced skills such as back-handsprings later down the road. If your athlete is wanting to learn how to tumble – this where they should start!

Power Tumbling 1

Power Tumbling 1 class is for athletes that have mastered the Basic Tumbling class, but want to do just the floor element. This class focuses mainly on back handsprings. Other skills worked in these classes include front handsprings and round-off back handsprings. If you are thinking about going the cheerleading route – this is the class for you!

Power Tumbling 2

Power Tumbling 2 classes are for athletes that have mastered the Power Tumbling 1 class. This class focuses mainly on learning multiple or consecutive back-handsprings in a row. While introducing back-tucks and drills for back tucks.

Power Tumbling 3

This class is for athletes that have mastered the Power Tumbling 1 & 2 classes. Athletes must have a standing 3 back handsprings and a round-off 3 back handsprings to be in this class. Skills worked in this class include series of back handsprings, back tucks, whips, layouts, and fulls. Again, this class is great for cheerleaders who wish to improve their tumbling skills.

Class Schedule

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