About Us

Developing Character

We develop your athlete’s character by actively engaging and challenging them while setting clear goals and expectations

Building Confidence

We build your athlete’s confidence by teaching the best and safest techniques – resulting in a very successful experience


Inspiring Change

We inspire change in your athlete by showing them the benefits of hard work and dedication. Learning life-long skills and making it all worth it

Brief History

High Altitude was founded in October of 2010 by two parties: Colbie & Ryan DeJesus and Connie & Dave Collier. It began strictly as a Trampoline and Tumbling gym, but quickly incorporated All-Star Cheer, then most recently Men’s & Women’s Gymnastics. We are constantly seeking to improve your experience here at High Altitude and look forward to seeing you in the gym!

What ages do you offer classes for?

All Ages! Visit our Classes page for more detailed information on which class will best fit your athlete!

How many kids are assigned to each coach?

The maximum class size is 8 for all classes except for Tiny Tumblers – where the maximum is 6. These small numbers allow each coach to teach athletes individually.

How does my child advance to the next class?

For each of our classes we have specific requirements – both skill requirements and technique requirements. When the athlete has demonstrated mastery in each of those areas the coach will inform you that your athlete is ready to move up!

Do you offer make-up classes if my child is absent?

Absolutely! You do need to schedule it in advance, however. Please call the office and ask when you can schedule a make-up.

Can I pay my tuition online?

Yes! After registering you are able to log-in to view and pay current balances. You will log-in on our Register page.

Do you have competitive teams?

Yep! We currently have Trampoline & Tumbling team, All-Star Cheer teams, and a Women’s Gymnastics team. If this is something you are interested in – shoot us an email with your questions!


High Altitude

Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday: 4:00-8:30
Friday: 4:00-6:30