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At High Altitude Tumbling and Cheer we offer trampoline, tumbling, and cheerleading classes for ages 3 and up. We are home to National and World award winning coaches and athletes.

Our equipment is full-length and competiton quality —including two cheer floors. We offer flexible plans that suit your family's needs. We are located in the East Bay area of Provo.


Cheer is the combination of dance, jumps, tumbling and stunting. Cheer teaches balance, coordination, flexibility and confidence. Stunting ranges from basic balancing skills to advanced single-leg extended stunts.

Tramp and Tumbling
Our Trampoline and Tumbling classes teach skills on the floor, trampoline and the double mini trampoline. These classes start with tumbling basics such as cartwheels, handstands and round-offs, working their way through back handsprings, whips and twisting skills.

Specialty classes are tumbling classes that only work skills on the floor. These classes do not focus on the trampoline or double mini. The trampoline may be used to teach some skills such as back tucks, layouts or fulls. These classes are ideal for dancers, cheerleaders or snowboarders that want to work on tumbling and flipping skills.


  • world class COACHING
  • FULL-LENGTH facilities
  • SAFE procedures
  • competition quality EQUIPMENT
  • FLEXIBLE plans
  • AFFORDABLE pricing
  • INDIVIDUAL attention

"Self Esteem"

At High Altitude tumbling and Cheer we have found more than just a sport. The coaches have taken my daughter and given her the self-esteem she could never find at school from peers.

"Something Special"

There is something special at this gym. My daughter says that they don't compete against each other; they compete with each other.